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Pricing at the Dayton Mediation Center

Thanks to the support we receive from the City of Dayton, we are able to provide mediation services free of charge to individuals who live, work, or attend school in Dayton. Our pricing structure is also competitive for individuals and organizations in the Dayton area and beyond.


Please call to discuss potential cost-saving opportunities, and we encourage everyone to reach out to us if you have concerns about cost.


Similarly, please call for non-profit discount rates that are not listed on our website for trainings or teambuilding.

Please see our pricing structure for the primary services we provide below.


Conflict Coaching and Mediation

General Mediation (including parenting time/visitation, landlord/tenant disputes, family or neighbor disagreements, etc.) is free for those who live, work, or attend school in the City of Dayton and for others is $100/hour. 

Conflict Coaching package of three, one-hour sessions is free for those who live, work, or attend school in the City of Dayton and for others is $150.

Workplace Mediation is charged at $200/hour or $100/hour nonprofit

Dayton Municipal Court or Montgomery County Juvenile Court Referrals (including parenting time and juvenile diversion program) are free of charge.


Our teambuilding services are competitively priced for organizations of all sizes. Our standard rate is $200/hour for businesses and $100/hour for non-profits.

Please contact Cherise Hairston at or 333-2354 for a customized quote and to learn more about our teambuilding services.


On-Site Trainings

Our standard Responding Effectively to Conflict Training is designed for a class of up to 20 people and is applicable across a wide array of organizations. The prices below outline our standard rates for providing one trainer for a class of approximately 20 people. Requests that go beyond 20 people, require extensive modification of our existing training manuals, or involve extensive travel time, may require additional fees. 

Full-day training (7-8 hours) - $2500

Half-day training (4 hours) - $1250

Introductory Responding Effectively to Conflict Training (2 hours) - $625

Please call us to learn about our non-profit discounts.

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