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Mediation Response Unit

Who Are We?

 We are a City of Dayton program under the umbrella of the Dayton Mediation Center and are an alternative response team that responds to low emergent 911 calls within the City of Dayton. Our program was formulated after the police reform talks began in 2020 and the working groups identified recommendations for the community of Dayton. We are a team of trained responders with a wealth of experience and certification in areas such as crisis response, de-escalation, conflict resolution and community development and relationship building.

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How to Report a Complaint:
Please contact the MRU direct line:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Our Purpose?

The big picture goal is to work on improving community police relations, provide alternatives to police response in our community as well as to reduce the number of 911 calls for certain low emergent situations and allow officers more time to take the higher emergent calls. We will be providing an alternative response to 911 calls of various situations that include but are not limited to: noise complaints, neighbor/roommate disputes, barking dogs, loitering, unruly juvenile complaints.

How Will We Respond?
We will have a call taker that receives calls that have been made to 911 and deemed appropriate for the MRU. If the situation can be resolved with a phone call, the caller will be provided with information, connected to resources and case management services provided, should the caller be interested. If an on-scene response is warranted, a two person team will be dispatched to the scene to intervene with the situation the caller initiated the 911 call for. Connection to resources, follow up and case management services will available to the parties involved.

​What are the Hours of the MRU?

The MRU will be providing response Monday through Friday from 11am to 8pm. The hours for the MRU derived from the research done on Dayton’s 911 calls during a six week time period in the fall of 2021 in which the 11 am to 8 pm timeframe noted the highest number of MRU appropriate calls were found to be taking place.

​Will the MRU Respond to Mental Health Calls?

 While there is likelihood that many of the calls the MRU will take may have some components of mental health, that is not the focus of the MRU. Currently, Montgomery County ADAMHS funds the Crisis Now program that can be reached at 833-580-2255 for mental health related calls. The program does not, currently, go through 911 but does provide a resource for mental health related calls.

Who Do I Contact if I Have Questions?

 If you have questions, concerns or would like to provide feedback about this new initiative, you may reach out to the MRU Coordinator, Raven Cruz Loaiza, via email at or by phone at 937-333-2301.

How do I report a complaint?

Please contact the MRU direct line to report a complaint at 937-333-2333.

Meet The MRU Team

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Raven Cruz Loaiza, MSW, LSW, RA

Mediation Response Coordinator

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Josh Bedink

Mediation Response Specialist I

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Derrick Shepard
Mediation Response Specialist II
Anthony Jackson
Mediation Response Specialist II
Twila Monie
Mediation Response Specialist II

How to Report a Complaint:
Please contact the MRU direct line at:

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