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As residents of the greater Dayton area, we are all in this together. In 1987, the City of Dayton saw a different way for community members to be part of the process to address conflict effectively and make our community better. Today our volunteers receive cutting-edge training in conflict intervention and play an important role in the success of helping people manage conflict positively and constructively.

The Center conducts more than 1,000 mediations annually with the support of community mediators. Intervention specialists have trained more than 1,500 citizen mediators from diverse backgrounds and interests. Other volunteer opportunities that play an important role in helping to resolve conflict are listed below.

Learn more about what becoming a volunteer looks like by listening to this WYSO story!

Meet amazing people
Meet amazing people

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Join our team!
Join our team!

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Get hands-on training
Get hands-on training

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We have a variety of volunteer opportunities, including:


Mediator: Volunteer mediators make an initial 2-year commitment that includes a 60-hour supervised apprenticeship process and mediating regularly on a monthly basis. Once the apprenticeship process is completed, community mediators continue their training in quarterly continuing mediation education workshops and additional learning opportunities.

Community Impact Panelist: CIP panelists work with youth and adults in a friendly setting to help them learn and grow, from first-time offenses that have resulted in a ticket or a fine, to situations that result in criminal charges. CIP panelists bring the wealth of their personal experiences and share their perspectives as representatives of the community.

Administrative/Front Desk: Center receptionist/administrative volunteers assist the Center Staff by greeting clients, managing mediation paperwork, and completing a list of administrative duties.

Fundraising Volunteer: Fundraising volunteers support the Center in locating grants and additional financial sources to be able to increase the expanse of services offered to the community.

Advisory Board Member: Advisory Board Members advise the Center's coordinator on program planning and development in the areas of recruitment, volunteer recognition, program evaluation, community relations, resource development, and delivery of basic mediation services.

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Volunteer Training

All prospective new volunteers must first submit a volunteer application. Upon receipt of your application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and be requested to attend an information session and schedule an interview.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please be sure to fill out a volunteer application and send it to us.


For questions, please contact Jessica Best at (937) 333-2358.

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Volunteer Application


Part I Directions (Please Read!)

If you are applying to volunteer as a mediator, please fill out the section below. If you would like to volunteer in another capacity, please scroll down to the section that corresponds to the role you hope to fill. If you would like to volunteer for more than one position, please fill out each section for which you are applying.

Please note that all applicants must fill out Part II at the bottom of this form.


Once you've completed the section(s) for the position for which you are applying, please fill out the selection criteria in Part II before submitting.

Section 1: Community Mediators

Training Process: All new applicants are required to attend an interview and information session. If you are selected to become a volunteer mediator, you are required to attend a 23 hour training that will take place over four days. Are you able to complete the training process?

Are you able to complete the training process?

If yes, more information will be given to you at the return of this application (dates, times, locations, etc)

Volunteer Process: Applicants must be able to volunteer with the Dayton Mediation Center for a minimum of two years. This two year volunteer commitment includes attending one monthly skills building session (2.5 hours) until the apprenticeship process is completed and mediating one time per month on Saturdays or during the week.

Are you available to attend one (1) monthly skills building session for 9 – 12 months or until the apprenticeship process is completed?
Are you available to mediate one (1) time per month for two (2) years?

Availability: We conduct the majority of our mediations on Saturdays and some during the week. Please use the dropdown menu below to select the times you are available prefer to mediate.


Availability: If you are available during the week as well, please describe your availability below. For example, you could put "Weekday mornings and afternoons."

Section 2: Community Impact Panelists (CIP)

Talking to ticketed youth about how their actions impact the community.

In the space below, please indicate what unique community roles you fill. For example, you may wish to include that you are a:

  • Parent

  • Local community member

  • Business owner

  • Downtown employee

  • Youth/student

  • Bus rider

  • Neighborhood association member or leader

  • Downtown business owner or resident

  • Other

Section 3: Reception/Administrative:


Assist the Mediation Center Staff and Volunteers by greeting clients, managing paperwork and other office duties. Please explain how you heard about this position and why you believe you are qualified for the role.

Typically there is not much time for training before a Saturday morning. Are you comfortable with limited training and able to learn as you go?
Receptionists are needed on Saturday mornings from 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Please select the Saturday that corresponds to your preferred day to volunteer:

If you are able to volunteer another day (or days), or if you are able to volunteer throughout the week, please describe your availability below:

Section 4: Advisory Board Member


Have you ever served on an advisory board in the past, or do you have skills (such as fundraising) that would be helpful to the fulfillment of the Center's mission? If so, please describe those below and explain why you would like to serve on our advisory board.

Part II: Selection Criteria


The following questions are for your own personal reflection and consideration and are critical for any volunteer opportunity put forth by the Dayton Mediation Center.


Please rate each question on a scale of 1 to 5 with the following criteria:

1 - Not at all    2 - A little    3 - Somewhat    4 - Mostly    5 - A lot

Are you optimistic about people and their ability to solve their own problems?
Are you committed to supporting people in finding safe and constructive alternatives to their conflict situation?
Are you able to suspend your personal judgments of others when they are in conflict and not at their best?
Are you able to support the uniqueness and individualized thinking and decision-making processes of others without telling them what to do to address their situation?
Are you comfortable with a limited understanding of a problem or issue?
Are you able to demonstrate sensitivity while considering different and unique realities and levels of literacy of others?
Do you possess the ability to be self-aware, able to reflect on one’s personal biases, and be able to suppress them when working with others?
Are you comfortable learning new information, applying it in real situations, and recognize that learning is a continuous process which involves critical and reflecting thinking?
Do you possess strong communication skills including listening, verbal, and written skills?

Thank you for submitting your application! We will be in touch in 2-3 weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Jessica Best at or by phone at 333-2358.