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Become a vital part of the process and volunteer

As residents of the greater Dayton area, we are all in this together. In 1987, the City of Dayton saw a different way for community members to be part of the process to address conflict effectively and make our community better. Today our volunteers receive cutting-edge training in conflict intervention and play an important role in the success of helping people manage conflict positively and constructively.

The Center conducts more than 1,000 mediations annually with the support of community mediators. Intervention specialists have trained more than 1,500 citizen mediators from diverse backgrounds and interests. Other volunteer opportunities that play an important role in helping to resolve conflict are listed below.

Learn more about what becoming a volunteer looks like by listening to this WYSO story!

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities, including:


Mediator: Volunteer mediators make an initial 2-year commitment that includes a 40-hour training and apprenticeship process, and mediating on a monthly basis. Once the apprenticeship process is completed, community mediators continue their training in quarterly continuing mediation education workshops and additional learning opportunities.

Community Impact Panelist: Panelists work with youth and their families in a welcoming setting to help them learn and grow, from first-time offenses that have resulted in a ticket or a fine, to situations that result in criminal charges. Panelists bring the wealth of their personal experiences and share their perspectives as representatives of the community.

Front Desk: Center receptionist/administrative volunteers assist the Center Staff by greeting clients, managing mediation paperwork, and completing a list of administrative duties.

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Interested in volunteering as a mediator? Scroll through the slider below to learn more about becoming a community mediator.

To apply for any of these volunteer roles, fill out the application below.

Volunteer Mediator

All prospective new volunteer mediator must first submit a volunteer application. Upon receipt of your application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and be requested to attend an information session and schedule an interview.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer mediator please be sure to fill out a volunteer application and send it to us.


For questions, please contact us at (937) 333-2345 option 4.

Click on the arrow to the right to learn more about becoming a volunteer mediator.

Volunteer Application

Thanks for your interest in being a Center Volunteer!  We could not do the work we do without our dedicated community volunteers.  We have several different ways for community members to volunteer at the Center including community mediator, community panelist, and front desk volunteer.  Please read and fill out the application form below.  Please contact us with any questions.  

Volunteering Options

Community Mediator  

Description: Scroll through the slider above to see details on this volunteer role.  

Commitment: To become a volunteer mediator for the Dayton Mediation Center, those interested must complete an interview process, a 22 hour training course, and commit to two years of volunteer service (participating 1-2 times a month.)


First, applicants go through an interview process. If you are selected to become a volunteer mediator, then you are invited to attend the required 22 hour training course that will take place over four days.  After the classroom training, volunteer mediators are expected volunteer with the Dayton Mediation Center for a minimum of two years. This commitment includes mediating once a month and attending regular ongoing training sessions (6 during the first year and 4 during the second year.)  Mediations happen on Saturday morning and during the work week.  Training sessions are on Saturday mornings and weekday evenings 



Description: Panelist role is to talk with ticketed youth about how their actions impact the community.  Please include the unique community roles you fill in the question below.  For example, you may wish to include if you are a: 

  • Parent, Business owner, Downtown employee, Youth/student, Bus rider, Neighborhood association member or leader, Downtown business owner or resident, Other 


Requirements: All applicants will be interviewed and then asked to go through a short training.  After the training, volunteer panelists are expected volunteer with the Dayton Mediation Center for a minimum of one year. This commitment includes participating in panels once a month on Saturday Mornings. 


Front Desk Support 

Description: Assist the Mediation Center Staff and Volunteers by greeting clients, managing paperwork and other office duties. Front desk volunteers are needed on Saturday mornings from 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 

Commitments:  Applicants will be interviewed.  Training for this role is “on the job” and volunteers must be comfortable learning as they go.  

Next,  please select which volunteer role that you are applying for and indicate you have all the details above and are able to fulfill the commitments required.  More details about training will be given to you at the return of this application.


Please answer the following questions

1. Why you are interested in this role? 

2. What skills or experience you have that will help you fill the role? 

3. How did you hear about us?


The following qualities are critical for any volunteer opportunity put forth by the Dayton Mediation Center.  You do not need to select 5 for all the statements to be selected as a volunteer.  Your answers will help us know what training needs you may have as well as what qualities you bring to this work. 


Please rate each question on a scale of 1 to 5 with the following criteria:

1 - Not at all    2 - A little    3 - Somewhat    4 - Mostly    5 - Yes, definitely

I am optimistic about people and their ability to solve their own problems
I am committed to supporting people in finding safe and constructive alternatives to their conflict situation
I am able to suspend your personal judgments of others when they are in conflict and not at their best
I have had training and/or experience to help me understand my implicit biases around race, class, gender, etc.
I have had training or other education in understanding privilege, structural racism and other types of discrimination
I am comfortable with a limited understanding of a problem or issue
I am able to demonstrate sensitivity while considering the different and unique realities of others
I am comfortable learning new things, applying it in real situations, and recognize that learning is a continuous process which involves critical and reflecting thinking
I possess strong communication skills including listening, verbal, and written skills

Thank you for submitting your application! We will be in touch in 2-3 weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Trisha Werts at or by phone at 333-2332.

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